Smashing Your Pubic Bone?

It’s something quite common while learning the hip explosion on Snatch related exercises and even more experienced lifters can have this problem. Its a horrible pain when you catch your pubic bone. The reasons stem from two main factors; bending at the arms before the hip drive and having your grip too wide.

Bending at the arms is pretty self-explanatory. When your arms are bent before the hip drive you are raising the bar to a higher position so it’s more likely to hit your pubic bone. A lot of people when learning the second pull (the pull after the hip drive) tend to suffer the most with this. Correcting this can be easier said than done. Focus on keeping your arms straight on assistance exercises such as high pulls and transfer over the skill. Pulling straps will help you relax your arms as they take away the strain needed to grip the bar. Also, when you set yourself turn your elbows slightly in to hold them in place easier.

Having your grip too wide is again going to raise the bar, so when you hit the bar you’re going to hit the pubic bone. Instead, stand up straight holding an empty bar in Snatch grip and find out where the bar is aligned on your body. From there you can use that as a guide to adjust your grip to avoid hitting your bone.

Quick Tip

If you find you are still suffering a small towel folded up in your skins or a piece of sponge should suffice.

One thought on “Smashing Your Pubic Bone?

  1. According to the current IWF rules the bar is only allowed to brush the thighs and then stay close to the body on its upward pathway. There is no mention in the rules that bar may be assisted on its upward pathway by a collision with the pubic bone. A couple of years ago though, the bar was allowed to touch the hips on its upward pathway. If the elbows are pointing foreward in the set up and kept that way it during the pull, it would assist in keeping the bar closer to the line of least resistance which would then result in the desired narrow loop at the top with a more secure balance in the squat. After about a few thousand repetitions practicing the ‘reverse chain method’ there should be no more trouble with painful pubes, plus there would be more white lights shown by the referees.

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