How To Find Your Snatch Grip

If you've been Weightlifting a while you may well know that everyone has a slightly different technique. This is due to a number of factors such as body size, limb length, flexibility and strength. The one thing that will (or rather should) be constant in everyone who hip drives is where you hit the bar on the Snatch. This determines how wide your grip should be on the Snatch.

When you hip drive you should make contact at the top of your thighs but below your hip bone. This should not cause you pain. If it does it's likely you're hitting your pubic bone and believe me, it's not a pleasant feeling!​ 

We've created a simple guide to help you find your ideal Snatch grip.

1. Grab the bar with your normal Snatch (wide) grip.

2. Take the bar to your waist.

3. Adjust the bar by widening or narrowing your grip so the bar rests under your hip bone but at the top of your thighs.

This is your ideal Snatch grip because you will be making contact with the bar there (top of thighs) as you drive your hips into the bar.

Couple of things to remember:

  • Your arms should be relaxed and straight.
  • You should not be smashing your pubic bone - it hurts. If you find you cannot avoid it place a piece of sponge or towel in skins/ under armour to protect the area,

Give it a try and leave comments on how you're getting on either on here below or Facebook.