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We are your number one on-line information resource for Olympic lifting. Whether you’re an experienced lifter and want to brush up on your Weightlifting knowledge and technique or completely brand new to the sport and are learning from scratch, you and everyone in between will benefit from Lifting Times.

We provide proven and first hand technique advice and training guidance from Great British and international lifters and coaches. We cover absolutely everything Weightlifting related, from training programs right up to technique specific moves such as the hip drive.

We interview GB international lifters and coaches who provide us with their first hand experiences in the sport, what got them to the top and most importantly what you can do to get there too.

We want to help you improve your technique, increase your PBs, reduce injury, get you to train SMART as well as HARD.

We've recently brought out The Practical Guide To Olympic Lifting. You can read online or download a copy for FREE here.

If you’re enthusiastic about weightlifting this is an essential tool for you to have on your smart phone, tablet, laptop and/ or PC.