Hip Drive vs Hip Slide

In this blog we will be covering the two most common second pulls used and taught in Weightlifting. We will be looking at the modern hip drive (explosion) and the traditional hip slide. This will be covered in more detail in the July & August issue of Lifting Times so keep a look out but as this is such a big topic we thought we'd touch upon it here too.

Now it's worth noting that before Tamas Fehre (a previous GB coach) came to the UK back in 2008/9, the hip slide was most commonly known and used in the UK. He (among others) introduced the hip drive into the UK.

So firstly what are the two techniques?

The clue is pretty much in the name on both of the techniques but we will elaborate. The HIP DRIVE is the act of moving your hips into the bar to greatly increase the speed of the bar allowing you more time to catch it in the receiving position. The HIP SLIDE is standing up fast and tall keeping the bar running up your body and close to you at all stages - there is no explosive contact.

Hip Drive

    - Very powerful when used correctly
    - Easy to generate fast power if you have a slow first pull

    - Unless you use a quick and powerful pull with the arms directly after the contact, the bar will float away from the body
    - Harder to master

Hip Slide

    - Keeps the bar close to you
    - Relatively easy to learn

    - Lacks  power compared to the hip drive.
    - You will find it much harder to reach the same height as you would from the hip drive.

Why the hip DRIVE is used and taught today by the majority

The hip DRIVE (explosion) is taught today as it is said to be more powerful. It allows you to get the bar to a greater height than you would normally with a hip slide and thus able to lift heavier weights.

Which ones best?

We recommend you learn and practice the hip DRIVE. Although it’s harder to master over the many years lifting and coaching we’ve found most people benefit from it more due to the powerfulness of hip action. It’s worth noting however, that a lot of elite lifters still use the hip SLIDE to great effect. Whichever one you do chose it’s worth asking for the guidance of a coach or trainer (or feel free to write in to us for assistance!).

Thank you for reading.