Glute Activation – Reducing Knee Pain

If you're anything like us then you will have suffered from knee pain at some point in your lifting life. This is a rather large topic and we would always recommend seeing a doctor or physio. But that said, we've found the following to be considerably helpful in easing and preventing knee pain.

We will be briefly touching upon the importance of your glutes (bum), and providing a few simple exercises you can do to get your them ‘firing’ and working for you.

Before we crack on (if you'll pardon the pun) with the exercises, lets first understand what your glutes do for you. When you lift it's your glutes that stabilize your back and legs and take away some of the strain from your quadriceps on your knees. This means your quads won't be pulling as hard on your tendons and therefore cause less pain as a result.


In this video below the first three exercises are what we would recommend you include as part of your warm up.

Now, 50 reps activating each glute (the first exercise shown) is a bit much, we would normally do 10 -15 then move on. For the double and single leg hip raises, 20 reps is about right however we suggest building up to that over a couple of weeks, starting with reps of five.

Your glutes should always be activated before lifting and in particular if you have been sat in an office all day like us!