“Mark Your Squatting Position” – Louis Martin

Here's an idea I want to run by you. It's not conventionally done or taught today but more here for food for thought. It was an idea told to me and others members of the GB squad some years ago by Louis Martin. You may well know that Louis is a four times World Champion, world record holder and Olympic Bronze and Silver medalist. It's safe to say he know's what he's talking about when it comes to Weightlifting. The idea is around marking out your squatting position to assimilate the Clean.

It's designed to make your squats even more relevant to your Cleans. If you can squat in the exact same position that you Clean in (when you stand up with the bar), then you're going to be training the same ratio of your muscles that you use to Clean. This benefits not only your strength but stability too. When we say the same ratio of your muscles we're referring to the ratio of your quads, to your glutes, to your calves etc that you use to stand up with the bar.

What to do

What Louis recommended was:

  • Clean the bar a short distance back from the squat racks (where you would normally stand for squats).
  • Have a coach mark out your feet positions with chalk - drawing round your heels and the front of your shoes.
  • When you do a set of squats, take a few steps back and put your feet into the marked positions and go from there.

As said it's something that's not common or often taught in Weightlifting but it is worth trying out, it worked for Louis Martin. Give it ago and leave a comment on Facebook to let us know how you got on.

Thank you for reading.