Clubs Matters

Clubs binds us ​together. They bring us closer to our friends. They give you a sense of belonging. They provide an atmosphere where heavy weights are smashed and sweat is broken.

That is why we here at Lifting Times think it's very important to honour that. If you've got a club anniversary, news, a particular result or just want to say thanks to a coach for all the hard work over the years, make it heard to the Weightlifting community with Lifting Times.

We have a dedicated section of our site for local, home grown news. Any anniversary, performance or event coming up please do let us know.

Drop us an Email on if you would like have your Weightlifting club or CrossFit box featured in the magazine. Pictures are most welcome!

​There's no charge for these announcements, we want to create a better connected community for Weightlifting.

We will be also featuring results of the matches of The UK National Lifting League in the near future. If you haven't entered it, do so. It's a fantastic way to get a team of four from your club involved in friendly competitions on a regular basis. They are competitive but very fun and have an equal playing field between men and women. Click here to find out more and join.

Many Thanks. Help us unite clubs up and down Britain.