How To Use Pulling Straps

In this guide we walk you through the process of putting on pulling straps. There is more info below the instructional video. Straps come in two main forms, either; a single straight piece of martial (as shown in the video) or a straight piece of material with loop at one end.

When and where to use pulling straps

Pulling straps should be used every time you Snatch or Clean high pull, Snatch or Clean dead pull and hang Snatch.

Do not use pulling straps on hang Cleans, power Cleans or full Cleans. It's much harder to let go of the bar from a Clean grip on your shoulders than it is a Snatch grip above your head. Therefore, if you're off balance with the bar on your shoulders, you remain attached to the bar and it ends very, very badly. Believe me!

They are designed to:

  • Relax your arms and help keep them straight
  • Take away your hand's gripping duties - avoiding blisters
  • Help with the hip drive because your arms are straight
  • Allow you to do multiple reps without having to let go of the bar or adjust your grip

They are an essential item to have in your gym bag and we would highly recommend you purchase a pair. Every elite and international Weightlifter will have a pair. Read a review of some Eleiko pulling straps (pictured) here.

Make sure you get a pair and thanks for reading!

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