Eleiko Pulling Straps

Equipment Review. We have put a pair of Eleiko pulling straps through their paces to bring you a comprehensive review on their effectiveness to help assist you with pulling exercises and hang Snatch.

Before carrying on if you are unsure on how to use pulling straps you can see some helpful pictures and a video here.

Firstly, why and when to use them?
Lifting straps will allow you to practice keeping your arms straight (before the hip drive) on pulling exercises. It takes the strain away from your hands and arms by relieving the gripping duties thus allowing you to relax your arms. Lifting straps are recommended for high pulls, dead pulls and hang Snatching. You can use them for power Snatch and full Snatch but they are not allowed in competitions. For health and safety reasons do not use them on full cleans, hang cleans or power cleans!

They use high a quality, densely woven material that lasts. They can withstand heavy weights and rough/ sharp bars. I've been using a pair for 10 months and there is no sign of breakages and very little wear and tear.

Support & Comfort
They are not too comfortable but then again most pulling straps aren’t comfortable and the ones that are, tend to break the easiest. They do, however, offer great support around your wrists when you are attached to the bar.

Price & Value
We feel although they are high in price as fair as pulling straps go at £12.00/ pair (the cheapest being around £2.50/ pair) they do offer very good value for money as the material used is very strong and durable and the design is simple but powerful.

You can purchase a pair at Pullum Sports here.

**Pulling straps are a must have in your gym bag. We would highly recommend purchasing a pair of Eleiko Straps and rate them a solid 8.5/10**

Thanks for reading!