Weightlifting Words & Acronyms

This post is more for people new to the sport. It's your quick and easy guide to common Weightlifting words & acronyms.

What actually is the first pull? And what the heck is a hip explosion? What is Oly Lifting – and why are people talking about it when I’m CrossFitting? What does 1RM stand for and what is it?

Are these questions your struggling with? Then this handy guide will be there to help you. So without further a due here it is:

First Pull – commonly disputed in Weightlifting but generally known as the pull with the bar from the floor to your hips (driving into the bar).

Second Pull – pulling directly upwards with your arms straight after driving your hips into the bar.

Hip Drive or Hip Explosion – firstly they are the same thing. It’s the action of moving your hips in to the bar (at the end of the first pull/ beginning of the second pull) to generate speed in order to get under the bar.

Hook grip – essentially it’s a ‘thumb under fingers’ for a more secure grip. Please see www.liftingtimes.co.uk/natural-grip-fairs-hook-grip/ for more info.

Pulling straps – equipment used to on exercises such as high pulls, dead pulls and hang Snatch.

Powers – used to describe a power exercise such as power Snatch, power Clean or power Jerk.

Pulls – either high or dead pulls. Taking the bar from the floor to your chest for high pulls or waist for dead pulls please ask a coach/ trainer for the correct positions and technique (or feel free to write into us!).

Oly Lifting/ Lifts: short for Olympic Lifting/ Lifts and is the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Oly Lifting is the action of doing those two lifts and assistance exercises.

Assistance exercises: there are many to be done, they are done to improve your personal best. Some examples include: Snatch High Pull, Clean Dead Pull, Front Squats, Power Snatch etc... Ask a coach for help when it comes to assistance exercises.

BW or BWT: Bodyweight.

1RM: 1 Rep Max: your best lift for one repetition (your maximum weight lifted).

PB or PR: personal best or personal record same as 1 rep maximum - your best lift.

Percentages - relates to % of your 1 rep max.

Reps: short for repetitions how many of that exercise you are do i.e. 3 reps of Snatch means 3 Snatches.

Sets: the number of repetitions i.e. 3 sets of 3 repetitions is 9 lifts in total.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps!