Do You Really Need That Kit

As with all sports, there is a lot of Weightlifting & CrossFit kit that you can buy, but it’s hard to know if it is essential or just something that is nice to have. There is so much temptation to get anything that says ‘CrossFit or Weightlifting’ on it or that has a really good advertising campaign.

I am going to go through some of the popular CrossFit & Weightlifting related kit and tell you what you really need to invest in and what is just nice to have.

Weightlifting Shoes

There are some very good reasons why you should invest in weightlifting shoes, especially if you clean, jerk and snatch regularly.

Have a read of our previous blog here for more information on weightlifting shoes.

You do not necessarily need weightlifting shoes, I mean Rich Froning doesn’t use them but then Rich is, well Rich! If you are just going to your box to work out and feel good, then CrossFit specific shoes as mentioned above will be enough.

Speed Rope

Most boxes will have a selection of speed ropes you can use, however I personally think having your own rope is essential, especially if getting those elusive double unders is important to you! The rope will be made to measure, meaning it will be the perfect length for your height. A rope that is the correct length will certainly improve your skipping skills.

Wrist Straps/Wraps

This isn’t something you need; you can certainly do CrossFit without these. If you are someone whose wrists bother them after movements that put pressure or pull on your wrists, then this may be an item you want to invest in.

Knee Supports

You don’t really need knee supports if you never suffer from knee problems. If you do have some niggles, then there are some reasons why these can be a great piece of kit to invest in:

  • They keep the knees compressed, which helps with faster recovery.
  • They offer support, which will certainly help with squats and preventing achy knees.
  • They offer protection from burpees! Who else suffers with sore knees after doing loads of burpees? Knee sleeves will really help and that can only be a good thing

Gymnastic Grips

These are very much a ‘marmite’ item, you either love them or hate them. It all depends how it feels when you grip the bar with them on. If you don’t like the feel of grips, then you can use tape to protect your hands from ripping on the bar.

You really do need to protect your hands from ripping during pull-ups, muscle ups etc., so hand protection is something to invest in. However, I would wait until you are doing a lot of these movements otherwise they will sit in your bag hardly being used.

Training Diary

This is an essential item to have, especially if you are serious about progress. If you are looking at improving all the time, then you need to be able to track your PBs, WOD times, lifts etc.

Your coach probably keeps telling you to get a diary, and they are right! How else will you know what your 1RM is for your clean and jerk or what 75% of you 1RM Back Squat is? How will you know what your last Fran time was or if you have improved on Karen this week? Plus, there is no better feeling than writing down your latest PB and seeing your progress.

Mobility Tools

Unless you are doing a lot of CrossFit or mobility exercises at home, then these are not really needed. Your box will usually have all the mobility tools you need. The most common ones are foam rollers, lacrosse balls and resistance bands.

It is worth speaking to your coach for recommendations for what to buy if you want something at home, they will be able to suggest what to get based on your personal needs. For a supplier; we are Lifting Times always recommend Mobility Tools.

​Funky Socks

The uniform for CrossFit women seems to be shorts and knee high socks, and they always look amazing – if you feel you can’t wear shorts yet, this is a really good goal to work towards! For men, you will often find them in popular socks like Stance Socks, which do great designs.

Socks are definitely on my list of essentials, looking great when working out has never been simpler, plus they are really useful for protecting your lower legs when lifting or climbing ropes.

I hope this has been some help and will save you some money on items you were about to rush out to buy before knowing if you needed them. If you have any questions, please get in touch.