Review: Rehband Knee Sleeves (7mm) Model 7051

In this article, we are looking at the model 7051 7mm Rehband Knee Sleeves. We are going to focus on three key areas: durability, support & value. I understand knee wraps aren't for everyone but most lifters, at one stage or another, will have knee issues. It's like a right of passage, so here we go:

I bought a pair of Rehband knee sleeves about 3 years ago and they still feel as strong as they were when I bought them. They have no sign of ripping or damage. They are the largest thickness (7mm) that are within the limits of IWF regulations.

The design of the knee sleeve is so that the stitching is carefully placed out of the way where you would normally find breaking on generic pairs of knee supports. They provide warmth and a “spring to them” making them ideal for deep squatting on the Snatch and Clean.

Price & Value
Although they are not the cheapest on the market with a starting price at £25 - £30/ knee support - I strongly feel they provide excellent value for money based on the support & durability.

This is a must have product for anyone Weightlifting and wanting more support and/ or warmth for their knees.

You can pick up a pair here. Be sure to buy two.

**All in all, we would thoroughly recommend them and give them a strong 9/10**

Thank you for reading!​