Review: Werksan LionFit Weight Plates

On Wednesday 28th September Absolute Performance (the UK & Ireland sole supplier of Werksan) sent St. Birinus Weightlifting Club a pair of 15kg Werksan LionFit training plates. Over the past couple of weeks, they have been thoroughly trialled and put through their paces. Here is the review below.

The disks are sturdy and strong. They are made from an energy-absorbing synthetic rubber, this gives them very little bounce back when dropped, which is a good thing.

The 15kg black plates, which, although lacking the traditionally recognisable colour scheme, mean you can get a high quality, durable plate for an affordable price. The LionFit range does also include a colour coded option (pictured below) in the traditional red, blue, yellow and green.

The quality black or color-coded plates are an IWF standard 450mm diameter. A 50.4mm collar opening and steel disc insert keep the plates firmly in place even during the most intense training session. The quality rubber promises a consistent dead bounce to meet the demands of a serious Olympic lifter.

How do they compare?

DHS, Eleiko, Uesaka, Werksan and Zhang Kong are the five IWF accredited manufacturers who provide the bars and plates at all official weightlifting competitions on a rotational basis. Most recently Zhang Kong plates were used at Rio 2016. While different segments/groups may recognise one brand over the others, Werksan has worked very hard to offer a more affordable solution to the usually perceived “very expensive” IWF standard Training or Competition plates. The LionFit range is their solution, offering a product that is not only comparable to Training plates and bars but also one that is far more affordable to both clubs and individual lifters. The plates are incredibly durable and operate on the same manufacturer's guarantee as to the standard Werksan IWF Training plate. In addition to plates, the LionFit range also consists of barbells (male - 20kg, female - 15kg and technique - 5 or 10kg), and collars.

Plates are available as customisable sets, or as individual options.​


You can view the promotional offers that Absolute Performance currently have running on both the training and coloured plates here.

The full training set totals 140kg (2 x 10kg, 2 x 15kg, 2 x 20kg, 2 x 25kg).

Absolute Performance is the only offical Werksan LionFit distributors in the UK and Ireland, you can order your plates from here.

All in all, we think they provide great value for their price and would make a nice addition to any Olympic Lifting or CrossFit facility, 9/10.

Thanks for reading.

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