Adidas Weightlifting Launches New Cutting Edge Footwear

Adidas introduces the Leistung16.II, a high-performance shoe for competitive weightlifters, and the Crazy Power, designed for high-intensity workouts

- Innovation and creative spirit at the heart of the latest silos -

Herzogenaurach, 28th February – Adidas Weightlifting announced the launch of its SS17 footwear, featuring the Leistung16.II - designed for competitive weightlifters – and the Crazy Power, designed for high-intensity workouts. The latest models showcase adidas’ passion for creative spirit and innovation whilst offering athletes industry-leading footwear.


The first product in the SS17 range is the Leistung16.II. Meaning “power” in German, the Leistung 16.II is designed to support heavy lifts through various features. A specifically-configured high heel counter delivers optimal ankle support and mobility - a crucial feature for Olympic Snatch and Clean and Jerk disciplines - whilst a non-stretchable POWERWEAVE material upper ensures stability, comfort and breathability.

Replacing a Velcro strap is a BOA closure system; a powerful closure system made from aircraft-grade stainless steel. Offering a smooth, even closure; once locked into place it provides the foot with a glove-like fit. An engineered TPU midsole ensures lock-down stability, keeping feet connected to the ground at all times, whilst a padded heel lining delivers cushioning and prevents the heel from sliding up during heavy lifts.

The Leistung16.II is available in black and white or grey and blue colourways.

Crazy Power

The Crazy Power is the second release in the SS17 range and is designed for versatile, high-intensity training. Offering a different look to any other weightlifting shoe currently on the market, the Crazy Power combines cutting-edge technology with innovative design, giving weightlifters a performance shoe with a focus on modern styling. Featuring a unique graphic design, the stretchable one-piece mid-cut sock construction – the first of its kind in the sport - is a fresh look and is designed to provide a snug fit.

The inclusion of a mesh vamp offers maximum breathability and comfort, as well as security, locking feet in the correct position and providing stability when lifting heavy loads. Flex grooves on the forefoot aid free movement – crucial for activities such as box jumps - whilst a bold strap tightens the foot to deliver mid-foot fixation.

Max Kuska, Global Product Manager for Weightlifting, said: “Adidas Weightlifting has an amazing heritage and the release of the Leistung16.II and Crazy Power enables us to continue it. Creative spirit and innovation are at the forefront of everything we do and this is evident with the launch of our SS17 footwear. Fusing the latest technologies with the pinnacle of design, we’ve been able to create footwear for both the competitive weightlifter and those who enjoy weightlifting as part of their wider workout routine, offering something for everyone.”

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  1. Hi,
    Does anyone have feedback on the Leistung 16. II? Thinking of investing in new shoes and unsure of going for these or adipowers instead. Have read mixed reports regarding the Leistung, some in favour some against. Negatives mentioned usually around the high heel lift and heel slippage.
    I’d consider myself a recreational Olympic lifter (not into WODs/ Crossfit).
    Appreciate any first hand experiences.

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