Which Leg Should You Put Forward On The Jerk?

It is common among beginners to spend a bit of time wondering (and sometimes worrying) about which leg you should put forward when Jerking. Essentially it’s what feels most comfortable and any coach would recommend you trial both legs out. However, there is a method to finding out if you’re unsure or just want to double check. So without further ado here's a quick exercise for you to try - and you can even do it at home. Let's begin.

1) Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart.

2) Lean forward until you are off balance and falling.

Please note: don’t actually fall onto your face or hands; use your legs to save you - unless you particularly want to entertain those around you!

No peeking beyond this point until you’ve done it. If you do read on the exercise would become obsolete.

Whichever leg you put out in front to stop you from falling is considered the leg that you should put forward when you Jerk.

Funnily enough, it’s not always a case of “I’m right footed so I’ll put my right leg forward”. I’ve come across a fair few lifters who are left footed but Jerk with their right leg forward and vice versa.

There are no advantages to Jerking with your left or right foot, so really just do what's comfortable for you.

Give it a try a let us know how you got on via FaceBook. We'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading!