Natural Grip Vs Hook Grip

In this article we will be looking at how the Hook Grip fairs against the Natural Grip.  We will cover what it actually is, when to use it and it's key pro's and con's.

Natural Grip

What is it? Natural grip is as you would imagine just how you would normally go to grab the bar with your thumb over fingers.

When should you use it? With pulling straps, squats and Jerks (pretty much all over the head exercises).

Pros: easy to do and relatively comfortable.

Cons: when pulling from the floor it’s not very secure and you often find with a hip drive the bar slips out of your hands.

Hook Grip

What is it? This is quite different from the natural grip because your thumb is UNDER your fingers - well two or three usually.

When should you use it? Pretty much all exercises from the floor or hang. It’s not required on overhead exercises, squats or with pulling straps.

Pros: it provides a stronger grip in a pulling action (when lifting the from the floor or the hang position) and allows you to relax your arms more as you will be putting less strain through your arms to hold the bar.

Cons: there is a 2-4 week period where it will hurt but after this period of bar work and pain you will get used to it and it will feel amazing! Trust us on this.


If you currently don’t we would strongly advise you to use the hook grip right away as you will find your hip drive will benefit greatly.

Thank you for reading.