Weightlifting Shoes – Should You Be Wearing Them?

This article is written for those of you who either don't own a pair of lifting shoes and are unsure about purchasing some. Or, if you have a pair and want to know a bit more about them. If you don't have a pair, the main question to ask yourself is: are you Olympic Lifting (Snatching and Clean & Jerking) at least once a week?

If the answer is a yes then I would certainly recommend you purchase a pair. If not, you could probably make do with suitable trainers.

What do Weightlifting shoes actually do?

There are three import advantages that shoes do for you and your lifting.

  • They provide added support around the ankle from the tougher, trainer material.
  • They raise your heel with a thick, solid platform which means you can go deeper into squats. This is a big help if you are not too flexible.
  • They look awesome and sound damn cool when you're catching the bar (especially on a wooden platform!).

Which shoes to buy?

At present, in the UK there are two main players; Adidas & Nike. The latest releases of their shoes are Adipowers from (as you would imagine) Adidas and Romaleos a.k.a Roms from Nike.

They are both built around the same hard plastic base and with a similar design. On the whole there is no major difference other than style. Nike Roms tend to be a bit wider than the Adipowers so bare that in mind if you have wide or narrow feet. The shoes generally fit as you would purchase trainers, there's no need to go for a size bigger/ smaller in most cases.


There is no real difference in pricing between the two big players. With a bit of careful shopping around they can be found for £140-£150 on-line. I've personally found Cicada Sports is a great place to get Adipowers, they offer very reasonable prices and fast delivery.


Like with most things in life there are other options out there. Older versions, other brands, 2nd hand shoes that are generally cheaper than the latest models. It's worth looking to these as a pair to get you started in the sport as the they tend to be at least 50% of the cost of the adipowers and Roms. If you are looking for alternatives a good place to start is eBay & Amazon but be sure to read the description carefully.

This is only a short blog into lifting shoes but designed to cover the main area's. If you feel like something's missing or have any questions please do leave a comment and we'll be in touch ASAP.