The Jerk – The Key Movements

You must pause between the Clean and the Jerk as they are two separate lifts. But without further a do here are the basic movements you need to follow in order to improve your Jerk technique.

Start of the Jerk

Following on from the Clean, the bar is resting on the shoulders.

- Elbows up

- Head up

- Back straight

- Head back (to avoid hitting your nose with the bar)​

- Feeling the weight through the heels​

Dip And Drive

Dipping down and driving upwards using your legs to generate power.

- Elbows up

- Big chest​

- Tight glutes (bum)

​- Slow on the way down, fast on the way up

- Dip and drive vertically​


Pushing the bar to arms length in one, fluid movement and splitting the legs.

- Head through

- Arms locked

- Feet shoulder width apart (you're not walking a tight rope)

- Shin vertical to the ground

- Back heel off the ground

It's good practice to recover from the Jerk front foot first as it's more secure and shows you're in control.

In a competition you need to finish the Jerk with your feet together and in line other wise the referee won't give you the signal to put the bar down.

If you found this useful, take a look at our Snatch post, again broken down into key movements/ positions.

Thank you for reading.