The Snatch – The Key Movements

In this article we are looking at the key positions in order to perform a Snatch with a little help from our friend Jack Oliver, London 2012 Olympian. We have broken the Snatch down into three main positions/ movements, the first pull, the second pull and the receiving position.

The First Pull

Taking the bar from the floor to the hips.

- Shoulders over the bar

- Using just your legs from the floor

- Head up

- Back tight and flat

- Arms Straight​

- Feet hip width apart, toes pointing slightly outwards

The Second Pull

Taking the bar from the hips (hip explosion) to a full body extension.

Pre hip drive

​- Shoulders over the bar
- Arms straight
- Back tight

Post hip drive

- Arms pulling upwards
- Shoulders shrugged
- Head up
- On toes

Receiving Position

Catching the bar in the squatting position.

- Head up

- Chest up and slightly forward

- Arms locked​ and angled slightly behind the head

- Feet shoulder width apart ​

Finishing Position

It's worth noting that in a competition, in order for the referee to give you the signal to put the bar down you must:

  • Have both feet inline
  • Be still and in control of the bar

We hope you found this useful, in future articles we will be breaking the lift down further. So be sure to bookmark Lifting Times.

Thanks for reading.