A Few Words About Programming

There are a few general rules to follow when programming so let’s start with the biggest and most important. First and foremost do not go heavy all day and every day. Aside from not giving you time to practise your technique it’s not allowing your muscles the time to recover and grow. Instead try an UP UP DOWN pattern. This accounts for two big weeks (85% - 95%+ of your one rep max) followed by a lighter week (75%-80% of your one rep max). This will allow your muscles to gain strength and size in the down weeks.

A typical look at an Olympic lifters training programme from an exercise point of view would be:

- Snatch (or Snatch related exercises)
- High Pull of Snatch
- Dead Pull of Snatch
- Back Squats

- Clean & Jerk (or Clean & Jerk related exercises)
- High Pull of Clean
- Dead Pull of Clean
- Front Squats

- Snatch
- Clean & Jerk
- Back Squats

The high pull of the Snatch and the Clean are there to work on your second pull (the hip drive).The dead pull of the Snatch and the Clean are to build back strength and improve your first pull (from the ground).The squats are designed to improve your leg strength. And last, but not least, the full lifts. They, when used within a cycle of an UP UP DOWN pattern will allow you to build upon your technique and strength. For the assistance exercises, ask your coach/ trainer for help. We will be releasing articles on the site so be sure to bookmark Lifting Times!

Thanks For Reading!