Top 3 Tips To Improve Your Clean

In this article we are sharing with you our three top tips to improve your Clean. Without further ado...

1 - Stay Over The Bar

From the onset of the Clean, your shoulders should be over the bar.

​In the set position, when you grab the bar, you need to angle your bum, by raising or lowering, to make sure your shoulders are over the bar (see picture).

This helps you get the most amount of leverage into the hip drive.​

2 - Legs From The Floor

Feel the weight through your heels. Doing this keeps your back flat and stops you entering into a swinging motion.

What do we mean by swinging motion? When your bum comes up faster than your shoulders, or vice-versa. If this happens you will lose your shoulder angle and therefore have a weaker hip drive.

It's also good health and safety practice to lift through your legs and will save you a trip or two to the physio!​

3 - Finish Your Second Pull

After your hip explosion, finish the second pull. This includes: pulling with your arms in an upwards direction, keeping your elbows high, moving up on to your tip toes and shrugging your shoulders. This action keeps the bar close to your body and adds a fair few inches to your pull!

Most people when learning the Clean (and Snatch) tend to miss out this vital step. With a second pull it allows you to keep control over the bar after the hip explosion. Without a second pull, the bar drifts out and away from your body.

Try them out and post your successes to our Facebook Page!

Thanks for reading, please share.​

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  1. This is really good instruction. It should help to eradicate the crime of just throwing the head and shoulders back as fast and far as possible while swinging the bar forward with straight arms. That type technique is fine for the Farmer with his pitchfork throwing his hay backwards over his head. The Farmer does not have try to stop his swing half way to prevent further horizontal movement backwards of the hay and at the same time maintain his balance.

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