Suffering With Bent Arms On Second Pull?

Are you suffering with bent arms on the first or second pull (before the explosion) on either of the lifts? We will be discussing this in more detail in the magazine but for the time being it’s worth investing in a pair of pulling straps. These will allow you to practice relaxing your arms and keeping them straight on pull related exercises. It takes the strain away from your arms and hands by relieving the gripping duties.

A pair can be picked up online for around £5.00 – be sure to read the reviews as some break a lot easier than others.

The gym that I'm from, St. Birinus Weightlifting Club, tend to go for material straps rather than leather as we find they last a lot longer. Ask a fellow gym member how to attach yourself to a bar with straps.

Please note: For health and safety reasons you should never use a pair of pulling straps on anything clean related that requires receiving the bar (this leaves you with high pulls and dead pulls only). However, you can use straps for snatch, power snatch, high pulls and dead pulls.

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