Stockport Spartans Weightlifting Club

In our latest feature, we have had the pleasure of speaking with Sean McLoughlin of Stockport Spartans Weightlifting Club to find out more about their Olympic Lifting club. So without further a do...

Welcome to Stockport Spartans Weightlifting Club!

Here at Spartan’s, we’re helping lifters from all ages to improve their strength and technical abilities to become the best they can be on and off the platform. With 15 active members, we train almost every day of the week and have multiple coached sessions for teaching new members the basics and making improvements to the competition lifts.

Operating out of Life Leisure Reddish, we have a great facility with all the equipment needed to cater for a full roster of lifters. This includes top Welsh ranked Amy Salt who has her sights set on the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, 2018.

Hard work is a must for any Weightlifting gym and we are no exception! But, expect a great atmosphere if you train with us, all ego’s are left at the door no matter who walks in and our community is as strong as our squats. We regularly finish training and go straight out for a recovery feed and more Weightlifting talk. We’ve visited many other local gyms to grow our network and keep the training fresh. With two coaches, there is always someone to help with your programme and can answer any questions. Andreas Michaelas is our L2 BWL coach with an extensive history as a Commonwealth athalete, coach and now BWL regional development officer. Sean McLoughlin is our L1 coach who takes care of classes for new lifters and has aspirations to become a better coach and athlete by working with as many great people within our sport as he can.

This year we will be looking to make an impact on the competition scene with a team of dedicated Spartan Weightlifters and, as always, we’re always looking to get more people involved in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

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