7 Great Reasons To Do Olympic Weightlifting

This week we are looking at 7 great reasons to do Olympic Lifting, now it’s worth saying that there are 1000’s and 1000’s of reasons to do Olympic Lifting because it’s such an amazing sport but we believe we've narrowed down the top seven here below:

  • It tightens your bum, strengths your back and your defines your legs. Who wouldn't want  lifters physique?
  • There's no better feeling than flying under the bar of personal best and catching it. The hip drive. Driving out of a heavy squat. Splitting into a Jerk. Accomplishment. This list alone could go on...
  • Looking damn good in a leotard/ lyrica. And Weightlifting, at the very least gives you an excuse to wear them!
  • The feeling you get when you smash a personal best.
  • Your knackered, your legs are shaking and have turned to jelly, your mind is overwhelmed. You've just lifted your personal best and although physically you’re shattered mentally you've never been better. And lets be real the soreness has a strange but awesome feeling. It's the "walk” you get the next day.
  • Weightlifting is not like going for a 20 mile run and you get a rush of Endorphins with a 3 second lift!
  • A great way to socialise!

Other than that there’s something very addictive with lifting weights, ask anyone that does it and they’ll tell you! And downsides, hmm, we couldn’t think of any…

Please do comment below and add more positives!