UK National Weightlifting League Final 2015/16

CF West Yorkshire & St. Birinus Weightlifting Club

Last Saturday (6th February) saw the UK National Weightlifting League final between CrossFit West Yorkshire and St Birinus Weightlifting Club. It was held at the Optimal Sports Performance in Cannock.

The competition was close with each lifter in the head to head lifting similar weights, according to the League rules which takes into account body weight and gender, after the Snatch.

St. Birinus managed to come out top with a 4 - 0 victory over CrossFit West Yorkshire taking the league title for the third year in a row.

Well done to all those that competed: Kev, Steph, Joe & Jamie from CF West Yorkshire. And: Nick, Rob, Eddie and Josh from St. Birinus Weightlifting club!

Roll on the 2016/17 league in this coming April!

For CrossFit & Weightlifting clubs looking to compete in a informal Oly Lifting environment but generally following the rules of British Weightlifting please visit the Lifting League website for more info.

It's managed and run by Marius Hardiman and Giles Greenwood. It's there to provide fun and enjoyment through a series of team weightlifting matches over 8 - 10 months in the year. Currently there are over 30 Weightlifting Clubs and CF boxes involved; the more the merrier!

St. Birinus from left: Nick, Eddie, Josh, Philip, Rob

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