“Two Pints of Guinness Every Night” – Louis Martin

When I was a member of the GB squad some years ago, we were lucky enough to have a special guest visitor, Louis Martin. Louis, who unfortunately passed away in 2015, was a world record holder, Olympic Silver and Bronze medallist and four times World Champion. It's safe to say he's one of the highest achieving UK Weightlifters. Ever. He had many great quotes and pieces of advice (that I'm sure will come out in future articles) but one that has stuck with me was "two pints of Guinness every night".

We thought we would look at the science behind this. Because hey, if it worked for him then hopefully it will work for us too, or at least it's an excuse to have a couple of pints!

So firstly lets look at the nutritional value. We all know it's important to replace the sugars you've just used in training to avoid further muscle breakdown and aid recovery. Guinness would do just that.  With 210 calories, 18.2g of carbohydrate and a mighty 1.9g of protein a couple of pints would more than adequately cover the amount of lost sugars. It does lack a little on the protein side but I doubt protein shakes were available back in the 60's/ 70's.

Lastly how could we forget iron. It's what Guinness is known for, right? Well yes,but it doesn't quite live up to the stereotype. There are rather a lot of articles on the web about how much iron a Guinness actually contains. Most claim it's next to nothing, but The Mail gives a figure of 0.3mg per pint. This is just 3% of the daily requirements of an average adult human.

Interesting fact
The picture of toucan and two pints of Guinness originates from an old advertising campaign. "If one pint of Guinness is good for you, imagine what toucan do!"

In conclusion
We would not recommend drinking two pints of Guinness every night, aside for the obvious health implications there really isn't a huge amount it can offer compared to a protein shake.

Please note
This article is intended purely for fun and should not be taken as medical, or for that matter, any practical advice. We would like to remind you that you should drink responsibly and with in the guide-lines set out by your government. For more info on drink awareness in the UK please click here - The UK Chief medical alcohol guideline review.

Thanks for reading!