Trouble-shooting Your Jerk – 5 Key Pointers

Yes, we've covered the Jerk in a couple of articles before but this article will be slightly different from the usual technical tips. We are hoping, after reading this, you will be well on your well to finding out why you are missing your Jerk.

Before we begin, first off, when you miss a Jerk, the bar will either be:

 - In front of you at arms length,  
 - In front of you but not at arms length or,
 - Behind you.

​If you are not getting the bar to arms length we would recommend you include Push Press and Military Press into your programme to build up strength before moving on.

The Trouble-Shoot Check List

1. Are your legs split ​wide enough?

Ideally your legs should be shoulder width apart. 

2. Are your legs split long enough?

Your front shin should be vertical to the ground, your back leg bent slightly and back heel of the floor.

3. Are you dipping vertically?

When you dip you should be keeping your back in line and vertical with the ground. Imagine a pole is running through your body from the ground upwards. You should not deviate from the pole.

4. Does your bum stick out on the dip?​

If this is the case you will end up chucking the bar in front of you. Tighten your bum and keep it inline with your spine.

5. Do you control your dip on the way down?

You must control the bar on the way down, if you don't you will lose your shape and send the bar in front of you.

If you found this helpful here are two links​ for further reading I'm sure you'll find useful:

Give them a go and let us know how you get on in the comments below!

It's worth noting that this checklist covers the broad reasons as to why you may fail a Jerk. We recommend you seek a coach ​for further analysis, as we can't see your technique.

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