Throwdown Calendar

We've been speaking with the number one place in the UK for all CrossFit competition information, Throwdown Calendar. Steve & Lucy have been kind enough to give us an insight into what it is and why they started it.

So first off, we know they're not "Olympic Weightlifting competitions", however with so many weightlifters enjoying CrossFit, we thought we'd give this a special mention. 

If you are looking to take part in a CrossFit comp/ throwdown this is the perfect place to plan your season.

Equally for box owners and managers, it's a fantastic medium to promote your event to the CrossFit community!

If you haven’t already, check out their site here.

​Steve and Lucy have been doing Crossfit for a combined 7 years and one faithful evening over a year ago, after a few Gin & Tonics, spawned Throwdown Calendar.

The calendar was launched to give coverage to the smaller competitions (which often go unnoticed) and provide one centralised place for all CrossFit competitions in the UK.

The site started with 20 competitions on the books but has now grown to include over 50 competitions and as a result, split into subsections - Winter/ Spring/ Summer & Autumn. The site lists all local, regional and national CrossFit Comps.

Steve & Lucy both enjoy competing and spectating in CrossFit and will continue to develop the site for the CrossFit community. Get yourself over to their site now!

For Olympic Weightlifting events, please follow this link here, to go to our events page.

Thanks For Reading!