The Weightlifter’s Jeans

For as long as I can remember Weightlifters have always battled against fashion... "Skinny" jeans, the "slim" fit jeans, "tailored" (which seems to just be another word for skinny) jeans, you name it. It's to do with our funny shaped bodies, namely our large legs from massive quantities of squats and dead-lifts. Well, we live in a wonderful age where Olympvs have solved this problem with athlete fit jeans, or as we like to call them "Weightlifter's Jeans".

We have reviewed a pair from the geniuses behind the clothing and rated them out of ten for our equipment section.

So without further a do...

The jeans are fitted to an athlete’s true waist size and have extra room in the seat and thigh, so no need to size up on your waist size to fit your legs. They are also constructed with a technical hyper-stretch fabric for supreme comfort and extra movement.

The jeans are available in a dark indigo colour with a traditional rinse wash. So they can easily transition from casual wear to something a little smarter.

They’re Italian made which comes through in the product quality. The hyper-stretch material also increases durability for ‘crotch split prevention’ along with reinforced pockets.

The jeans are available to order at £89. Although they are expensive they are the only jeans on the market tailored to lifters.

The jeans can be purchased here.

**We would rate these at a fantastic 9.5/10**

Pick up your pair today, they work!