The Best (And Worst) Weight Lifting Jokes

Welcome to ever expanding collection of Olympic Weightlifting Jokes. 

Here are a few below to start us off! Please do add your own in the comments below or drop us an email here and we'll upload them, no matter how bad the pun or joke is! In fact, it seems that it's always the really lame jokes that are best!

Some jokes, while are Weightlifting orientated, are rude. You've been warned.

A Weightlifter goes into ​Holland and Barrett. He asks the shop assistant "do you have any extra large tubs of protein?".

The shop assistant replies "I'm sorry, we're out".

​The Weightlifter says "no whey!"

I did an hour of cardio today... I really need to find closer parking to the gym!

There's a body builder down my local gym who says he cycles 3 times a week... but doesn't own a bike!

Why did the Weightlifter cross the road?

He didn't. There's no walking after a heavy squat session!

I went for a run this morning, worst 2 minutes of my life!

I am the opposite to traditional Olympic Weightlifting, I usually Jerk before I clean!

I would tell you a good Joke, but you'll have to weight for it!

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