Is Weightlifting Bad For Your Joints?

Doing regular resistance [weight] training can help reduce pain and increase mobility for people with joint issues says 'Arthritis Today'. This is providing the correct technique is used and the body isn't put under strenuous pressure. Also you must ensure you follow the routine of a warm up before the session (pulse raising activity and stretching) and a cool down afterwards (stretching and a light cardio vascular activity).

Taking a look at a relevant study published on The US National Library of Medicine, they took 46 patients (8 of which as a control) through a 4 month progressive strength training programme. The results, in short, found that the group who did the strength training reported pain improved by 36% and physical function by 38%.

What The Osteopath Thinks

Josephine Walker, Msc Osteopathy, says "You must ensure you have full range of movement when you are Weightlifting so your joints are working evenly. It does depend on who you are, but overall, I think lifting weights is good for your joints. It will increase bone density so you will be less likely to get Osteoporosis, it can increase muscle tone to help support your joints and can also help you lose weight if you are over-weight, and therefore put less strain through your joints in everyday life. It does depend on how much you're lifting and if you are using the correct technique.  If you are not using the proper form you will be doing more harm than good."

My Personal Story

I've been lifting for 10 years and still, to this day, continue to lift and train 5 times a week. Sure I’ve had joint issues in the past but these have come from tight muscles pulling on tendons that were fixed with a bit of physiotherapy, foam roller and stretching. I can see myself continuing to lift for as long as possible because it’s not only a great sport but a great way to keep fit and mobile.

To Summarise 

Many professionals and studies agree that as long as you lift with the correct technique and proper form this will be beneficial to maintaining healthy joints and will help to avoid injury.

You can also take various supplements such as MSM, Gloucosamine and Condroitin, to support healthy bones and joints but more on them in the next article linked above.

One thing is for certain, you’re better off lifting weights than being sat on the sofa!

Thanks for reading.