Introductions – First Impressions

For those of you completely new to the sport or new to the movements we thought we’d give you a quick intro to Olympic Lifting and us; Lifting Times. First of all, let's start with the basics:

There are two lifts; the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.

The Snatch is performed in one fluid movement where you take the bar in a wide grip from the floor and lift it above your head. The only pauses in the lift should be at the bottom of the Snatch (receiving position) and standing straight with the bar above your head when finished.

The Clean and Jerk is, as you can imagine, in two parts the Clean and the Jerk. The clean is when you take the bar with a narrow grip and bring it to your shoulders.

The Jerk is when you move the bar from your shoulders to above your head to arm’s length in one fluid movement. There should be no pressing as all the power is generated from your legs.

Our magazine issues will be discussing the technical aspects of the lifts, strategies and guides from real life GB Weightlifters and coaches. We’ll of course put in the odd joke and meme to perk up the day (and because we get tiresome in the office).

So welcome to Lifting Times, Keep your eyes peeled and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.