How Weightlifting Benefits Other Sports

Article by John Murphy of FHS Performance

Weightlifters are like a different species. Big shoulders, big arses, super strong and lightning fast. What a shame those traits wouldn’t benefit any other sport… Oh wait!

Increased speed and strength would improve, not just any sport, but every single activity you do in life.

Increased jump height for football? Stronger shoulders for tackling in rugby? More leg power for jumping, running and throwing in athletics? I’m actually finding it hard to make a case against the inclusion of Weightlifting.

So much of field sports revolve around speed and strength. Weightlifting is the ultimate method to develop this.

Injury Prevention

In terms of injury prevention, (Those Pesky Hamstrings) there is no better means of developing a super strong posterior chain than strengthening your pulls.

Catching the clean at the bottom of a front squat will create rock solid landing mechanics to reduce ACL injuries.

Overhead squats are the most common exercise used in injury screening and assessing functional movement. So, being able to overhead squat close to your body weight is possibly the greatest feat of functional strength out there.

The flexibility and stability required to sit in a deep squat with arms overhead will prevent so many hip and shoulder injuries that physiotherapists will wonder where all their business is going?

An often-overlooked aspect of rugby is the need to absorb force when tackling or being tackled. Some of the most gifted athletes are turned away from rugby once a heavy tackle drains the air from their lungs. Catching a body weight clean and absorbing the weight is the perfect means of preparing a rugby player for more impacts on the field.

There are so many physical benefits but the real impact of Weightlifting is to your mental performance and confidence. Is there more of a badass feeling than standing up from the bottom of a clean with heavy weight? Holding your body weight overhead after a split jerk? It’s like lifting and holding another person up. Squatting is the perfect analogy for life in that a heavy weight pushes you down to the ground but you stand back up in complete control of the situation.

So, what to next?

Look up Weightlifting clubs in your local area. It shouldn’t be too hard as they’re popping up all over the country. Check out some reviews and see which one suits you best then get prepared to put in your best off-season ever!

Article by John Murphy of FHS Performance

"John is a S & C coach and PE Teacher in Ireland with a big interest in Weightlifting. He is currently doing his Masters and we thank him for his input and look forward to his next article!"