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Article by Afro from Grid City Fitness.

Grid City Fitness (GCF) talks to Lifting Times about breaking down some of the common myths and questions around nutrition, weight training and losing weight. If you're new to Weightlifting and want to know where to start with your nutrition, this article is for you!

Can cutting carbs help me lose weight?

Cutting carbs will help you lose weight, initially, but then your body will start to hold onto the fat. This is because your body is starved of nutritional carbs, therefore the weight loss plateaus.

Do I really need that much protein during my day?

Yes, your body requires approx. 1g per 1lb of body weight to help maintain/ build muscles (depending on your weight training schedule), promote healthy nails, improve energy levels, improve your immune system and decrease joint and muscle pain. Protein also, very importantly, makes you feel fuller for longer and therefore you are less likely to snack.

Weight loss is all about reducing calories?

It’s not just about reducing calories, it’s about getting the right balance of macros (carbs, proteins and healthy fats) and portion sizes.


A good rule of thumb is to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. Each main meal should contain a protein source and a carb source. Two sources of healthy fats throughout the day in a meal or snack.

Be aware, some good sources proteins also contain healthy fats (e.g. Salmon).

Portion sizes

Carbs and proteins should be no bigger than the size of your fist and healthy fats should be no more than a handful.

I have to eat just salad to lose weight?

No, you can have a variety of carbs which are a mix of starch based carbs or fruit & veg.

Healthy food is boring?

We truly believe that it is what you make it, there are hundreds of recipes out there and it’s just about trying new foods, finding what you like and eating what you ENJOY. This is key as this is where a lot of people fail, trying to eat something they do not like.

I am eating out with friends, so therefore I cannot eat healthy?

Life is all about making choices, there is always a healthier option out there, you just have to think what’s more important, my health or this ‘treat’ and if it’s the treat then your WHY is not strong enough.

So, what about my treats?

There is nothing with having a treat, it’s all about balance. Our general rule of thumb is 90% nutritious food and 10% of whatever you want. Think about having 9 nutritious meals/ snacks in a row then you can have a small treat.

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We thank Afro from GCF​ for the article. Afro is a fitness and nutritional coach based in Milton Keynes.