Programming Straight From Germany

Weight Lifting Academy Renner, Germany, run an Olympic Weightlifting programming service that is now available in the UK!

Guenter Renner started the programming service back in 2013 and originally served Germany. As of early 2016 he has been working with a few UK clients with great success and is now looking to take his services mainstream.

Guenter Renner is a former Great Britain and New Zealand National coach. He studied Sport Science at the University of Leipzig, Germany, specialising in Olympic Weightlifting. He has been coaching Weightlifting for over 34 years and in that time has developed a huge number of National Champions. He also coached Ronny Weller, a 4 times Olympic Lifter, including one Gold, one Silver and one Bronze, in his developing years.

It's safe to say Guenter knows what he's talking about when it comes to Weightlifting. The programming services are top of the range but very affordable.

The two programming services on offer are:

General Programme

A general 12 week training programme based on your targets for the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.

£100 (works out at only £8.33 a week!)

Individualised Programme

An individualised, 12 week training programme based on:

Your target Snatch and Clean & Jerk and weekly feedback of your training.

From this, you’ll get an updated weekly program. On top of which, videos of you technique are welcome for advice.

£140 (works out at just £11.66 a week!)

The training programmes are suitable for Olympic Weightlifters and CrossFitters.

The academy also run

Clinics for Olympic Weightlifting

Focusing on technique, learning and/or development, programming, cyclisation.

Training camps at Guenter's gym in Germany

Accommodation, food, 2 minute walk to the gym.

Prices for clinics and camps are negotiable.

The cherry on top: all clients will get an Academy T-Shirt.

To get in touch with Guenter regarding programming, Lifting Clinics or training camps please email: