The CrossFit Games 2016 – The Open

You have probably heard people talking about The Open in the past few weeks and you may be wondering whether or not you should sign up, if you haven’t done so already. Well my advice to you is to just DO IT! The great thing about The Open is that it really is for everyone.

So what is The CrossFit Games Open?

The Open is the start of the CrossFit Games, it’s a 5-week long competition with five workouts that are released on a Thursday, and you have till the Monday to complete them and submit your scores. You will be ranked alongside athletes around the world to find the Fittest on Earth.

The Open is the first stage of the competition where athletes will compete to qualify for the next stage, The Regionals, and then ultimately, The CrossFit Games in July.

More than 272,000 athletes from around the globe competed in 2015, ranging in age from 14 to 86 years old.

Why should I sign up?

There are very few sports where ordinary people can complete alongside the elite athletes, doing the same workouts and using the same equipment. Don’t worry if you feel that you could never do the workouts or some movements, the CrossFit Games now offer a scaled version, along with Masters (40+) and Teens (14-17). Everyone can do it!

I am no elite athlete and this will be my second year of attempting The Open, and like me, for most people it is not about trying to qualify for the next stage of the CrossFit Games. It's about joining the CrossFit community across the world for five weeks each year. It’s also great fun! There are so many people who get PBs during Open workouts or manage their first double-under, pull up or toes to bar. Dave Castro, the Director of the Games, will have you doing things you may never have done before and pushing yourself like you have never pushed in your life. You will have such a great feeling of achievement after each workout.

CrossFit coach Simon Greenwood of CrossFit Oxford Originals at Priority 6 says “I’ve been hearing this a lot… Why should I bother paying $20 to do a workout I can just do for free in the gym? One of the main reasons why I think it’s a great competition, it’s a measurable event. You can compare yourself from last year’s placing or if it’s your first year doing it, how fit am I compared to the rest of the CrossFit community? Also, it can highlight weaknesses to work on so you’re ready for next year, it builds an awesome atmosphere in the gym on Throwdown days, and it’s a great mini internal competition, all those signed up can then see how they stack up against each other in their box.”

How does it work?

Each Thursday at 5pm PT, which is Friday 1am UK time, a workout is released. They are numbered to correspond with the year so the first one will be 16.1, then 16.2 the following week and so on till 16.5. You have until Monday 5pm PT, so Tuesday 1am UK time, to submit your scores online.

You have until March 28th 2016 to sign up, it costs $20. Be aware that The Open starts on February 25th 2016 so you will miss the chance to do some workouts if you sign up after the submission dates.

You must complete the workout in a participating CrossFit affiliate in front of an official judge or film your workout anywhere you like and submit online as proof. There is usually qualified judges in your box, and you can complete the judges course online for $10, which I recommend doing. Not only does it give you a good knowledge of the movements needed for the workouts, it also means you can help judge the workouts at your box.

Your results will be published on the leaderboards so you can see where you sit relation to your peers in your age division, competition region, state and country.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up for The Open here

You can sign up for the judges course here

Registration is from 14th January to 28th March 2016

The Open begins on 25th February 2016 and the workouts are released as follows:

  • 16.1: 25th – 29th February
  • 16.2: 3rd – 7th March
  • 16.3: 10th – 14th March
  • 16.4: 17th – 21st March
  • 16.5: 24th – 28th March

Thank you for reading.