Balancing Work & Training

Fitting work and training together is something we've all struggled with at some point or another. But, when's best to train, before or after work? We will be looking at the pros and cons of training before and after your hard days graft and giving an insight into when and why St-Birinus Weightlifting Club train.

Before work Pro's

You'll feel much more awake, fresh and ready for the day afterwards. It gets it done and dusted for the day, if you're working all hours and often staying late chances are sessions maybe skipped. It's easier to become a routine when training is done first thing in the morning

Before work Con's

The body is at greater risk of injury. As joints and muscles have just "woken up" a longer warm up is required.

After work Pro's

You're more physically awake (flexibility and strength are at their peak). Your body has had the day of moving around, eating, preparing itself for exercise. Exercise and training can be used to reduce the stress from a hard days work.

After work Con's

On the flip side: after a long (and potentially stressful) day at work you can feel tired and not perform at your optimum - this is depending on what time you make it to the gym and how demanding your job is. Potential to become over-tired being detrimental to your lifting and health. Your body clock (circadian rhythm) is unique to you and only you can know when is best to hit the gym. But as long as you're getting time at the gym and eating right I don't think you can go too far wrong!

At St-Birinus Weightlifting (the home of Lifting Times) we train after work as we find we get the best performance from our muscles. Although there are more "pro's" for morning exercise we find the one pro of muscles being at their peak strength and flexibility outweighs all other points. It's also one of the the only times in the day (17:30) when the senior team can get together and train at the same time; making the sessions' atmosphere that much better.

Thank you for reading.