A sugar free, great-tasting nutritious drink

To give yourself that much-needed hydration whilst on the go, The Benefit Brand’s 100% natural flavoured water is the ideal choice.
Available in perfectly portable cans that are great for picnics or drinking on the go, Benefit Water is a delicious range of caffeine, sugar and sweetener free sparkling waters that could be your thirst quencher of choice this spring and summer.
Lightly sparkling, they offer a grown-up soft drink alternative to cloying fizzy drinks or fruit juices and come in three refreshing flavours:
  • VITAMINS – Sparkling Lemon & Elderflower blended with multivitamins to deliver 50% RI of 12 key Vitamins.
  • FIBRE – Sparkling Apple with Natural Fibre, delivering 15% RDA of daily fibre. 6 kcal per 100ml.
  • ENERGY – Sparkling Mango & Coconut blended with Vitamins and minerals which help with cognitive function to give a natural energy boost. Zero calories, Zero caffeine.
Each can of Benefit Water contains magnesium and vitamins B3, B6, B9, B12, all of which contribute to normal psychological function, along with vitamin B5 which aids normal mental performance and iodine for normal cognitive function. Benefit Water Energy is also enriched with magnesium, vitamin B and vitamin C.
Benefit’s sparkling apple water also provides 15% of your daily recommended fibre intake, which comes naturally from chicory root.
The full Benefit Water range is available from Amazon and www.thebenefitbrand.com.