3 Top Tips For The Perfect Jerk

The Jerk can be difficult to master. With slight variations to the technique meaning the difference of the bar being directly above your head (in the correct position) to you missing the lift completely (being maybe an inch or two out). Here are our top three tips to improve your Jerk.

1 - Tighten Your Bum

When the bar is on your shoulders, tense your bum. This will make sure that, when you dip and drive up, you will be doing so vertically and not sticking your bum out. If you dip vertically and drive up vertically, the bar will only go up straight above you. If you stick your bum out, it will cause the bar to be in front of you when you try to catch it.

2 - Elbows Up

Again much like tightening your bum, if you keep your elbows up you are ensuring a vertical dip and drive.

If your elbows drop, your shoulders drop, when your shoulders drop the bar slips down your chest. This means, again, the bar will be in front of you when you try to catch it in the split or power position.

Always keep your elbows up.​

3 - Slow Down, Fast Up

Control the bar going down into the dip and then accelerate, all guns firing, on the way up. Control on the way down ensures that you will keep your shape and won’t deviate from the above two pointers. Fast on the way up is just common sense. You want to be putting in maximal effort on the way up as it’s your legs and bum that drive the bar upwards - not your arms.

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