Interview With Owen ‘Ivor’ Boxall

If you weren't there, you must have at least seen the video's from the colossal battle between Sonny Webster and Owen 'Ivor' Boxall last summer at the British Championships. We've been lucky enough to get an interview with Owen as he tells us about his life as an International GB Weightlifter.

Owen is a member of Europa Weightlifting Club and is coached by Andy Callard.

What does a typical week of training look like?

A typical week of training for me consists on 5, 2 hour sessions a week resting on Sundays and Tuesdays. Generally, in a session I would focus on 1 lift and 1 type of squat and include at least 1 exercise per session that needs improvement.

What are you hoping to achieve in Gold Coast? And, are you planning to do anything different from your normal training to get there?

On my journey towards Gold Coast I'm not planning to change my routine, I like to take competitions one at a time and progress towards them as they come.​

How does lifting on a national platform compare to an international platform?

I've lifted in lots of different competitions all over the world at different levels, from local competitions to World Championships. But, every platform begins to feel the same, no matter how many competitions you compete in there is still the same rush when you go out the take your first attempt​.

I understand you're a teacher, how do you find lifting full out while working a normal week?

A great thing about working while you train is the distraction work can provide from competitions. This way you don't waste energy over thinking competitions, or, over training and potentially burning away all your energy.​

You’ve recently moved from the 94kg bodyweight class up to the 105kg bodyweight class, do you follow any particular diet or nutritional advice?

Moving weight class is a bit of a struggle with making sure your getting the best nutrition possible while trying to increase your body weight. I don't follow a particular diet plan, I have mainly just taken my normal diet and increased the volume of food​.

How & why did you get the nickname ‘Ivor’?

I got my nickname the second day I went to the gym where my coach decided he didn't like my name and that I should have a stronger sounding name, then Ivor was born​.

Last but not least, what is your top tip for aspiring lifters?

If you're looking to become a lifter and compete, my top tip is commitment, find out why you are doing it and commit to it, don't second guess yourself or your commitment, stick to it and push through.

Thank you Owen for the insight into your life as an athlete!