Josh Cox (Editor)

Josh is the editor of Lifting Times. He is responsible for the social media, email marketing and co-ordinating of articles.

He also enjoys writing articles and coaching privately or to large groups.


He is based in the south of England in Oxford. If you'd like to attend one of Josh's workshops or get some private (1 to 1) coaching. Please get in contact here.

He is a member of the St Birinus Weightlifting Club based in Didcot. St Birinus happen to be one of the best Weightlifting clubs in the UK!


​Josh has been lifting for over 10 years and coaching for the best part of 5 years. He is a former GB athlete and British Record holder. Josh has represented the country on several occasions, winning the international Grand-prix in Fulda, Austria in 2011. He was also a 2012 Games Maker and Olympic Torch Bearer.

Here's a link to the personal website of Josh -​

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